Thank You!                    
Thanks, for showing us around NY! You provided us with a fantastic day & the memories will be cherished forever!
Hope to have you as a guide again, you are phenomenal!
                   - R.  Kunde, MN
Sean was stellar!
                    - L. Chaykin, CA
Sean was very knowledgeable about all the sites that we visited and did a great job of making sure that everyone was always accounted for in the fast-paced streets of NYC. This was a huge stress relief.
This was our third time working w/ Sean. He is an outstanding leader. He was professional, flexible, & entertaining.
                M. Vickers, MI

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You are incredible in your role and I love the knowledge you share - it was FUN. 
I can't tell you how grateful I am for your time!
                                                                   - A Jackson, GA
We can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the tour we had with you.  We've told many people about it.  You're certainly very good at what you do and you seem to genuinely enjoy it.  The knowledge you gave us made us feel a great deal more comfortable as we continued to enjoy our visit.  We were able to hail a cab as if we were locals and we felt safe enough to walk throughout the neighborhoods.                                                          - The Matthews, NC
You were truly the light for us in all of that turmoil (approaching hurricane Irene). All of your stories and descriptions brought your NYC alive for us. You could not have been more caring and more sensitive to our predicament. You went above and beyond by taking us to stock up on food and water. Never have I had that kind of treatment. You are personal. The ladies all agree that your tour was the highlight.                                               - M. Rengstorff, CA
Thank you again Sean for a great NYC experience. Everyone thoroughly loved you!!! You connect very well with all age levels. You also have a wealth of knowledge. Hope to see you in 2 years.                    - L. Carle, WA
Sean was the best NYC guide we have had & we will request him in the future. I learned so much about the sites we visited.                               -       - C. Braddy
Absolutely wonderful,
full of knowledge,
fun to be around.
He knew his way around New York!

              - Bullard Talent, CA
Sean Sellers Rocks!
                      K. N. Hallmark, AL
Sean was informative and entertaining!
                            - Y. Clark, TX
Sean knows his stuff and imparts his knowledge with humor and style. Enjoyable                                                     - K. Phelps, CA
Thank you for the excellent experience you helped our group to have in New York City. I can say with no hesitation that I have never experienced a tour guide as thorough and as accommodating as you were.             - M. Fiedler, CA
We had a very enjoyable trip, attributed mostly to the wit and wisdom of our wonderful tour guide, Sean Sellers. He is a very knowledgeable  tour guide, providing details about the city and its history.                         - Cheryl Nelson, MD
Sean was a great guide, he was constantly enlightening us with interesting historical and pop culture information and locations.
Sean has an engaging personality, has many interesting facts/stories.  - K. Harris